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Schedule of Talks

Here is the schedule of talks. All talks take place in Lecture Room N4 (N0013). For abstracts of the talks consult the Programme page.

Thursday March 25

8:30-9:00Registration, Coffee 
9:15-10:15Invited Lecture Dongming Wang
Automated Handling and Proving of Geometric Theorems
10:45-11:15Differential EquationsHa Le & Ziming Li
11:20-11:50Sergei Abromov & Denis E. Khmelnov
11:55-12:25E. Hubert & N. le Roux
14:00-14:30RepresentationsA.N. Prokopenya*
14:35-15:05Bruce W. Westbury
15:10-15:40Sergei Haller
16:10-16:40Systems & PackagesScott Murray
16:45-17:15J. Abbott et al
17:20-17:50Jos Vermaseren
20:00-21:30Evening Presentation Bart de Smit
Escher's Print Gallery and the Droste Effect

Friday March 26

9:15-10:15Invited Lecture Henk Barendregt
The Quest for Correctness
10:45-11:15GeometryDan Roozemond
11:20-11:50F. Botana & T. Recio
11:55-12:25Reinier Bröker
14:00-14:30Symbolic-NumericThomas Bayer*
14:35-15:05Hitoshi Yanami & Hirokazu Anai
15:10-15:40Wen-shin Lee & Mark Giesbrecht & George Labahn

Talks by Bayer and Prokopenya have been swapped (and so they appear outside their own session) because of scheduling restrictions.

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