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Mathematical Colloquium

The Mathematical Colloquium takes place on Wednesdays from 11.00-12.00h in the Huygensgebouw (Heyendaalseweg 135, consult the campus map) of the Radboud University Nijmegen.
There is coffee and tea in front of the lecture room from 10:45h.

Spring 2009

Autumn 2008

  • January 13, 2009 (HFML0220): Frank Redig (Universiteit Leiden)
    Abelian sandpiles: rigorous results
  • January 12, 2009 (HG00.308): Alexander Gnedin (Universiteit Utrecht)
    Species sampling models derived from Lévy processes
  • January 7, 2009 (HG00.307): Gerard 't Hooft (Universiteit Utrecht)
    The CKM Matrix: a Question of Flavor
  • December 17, 2008 (HG00.071): Ruben van den Brink (RU)
    The Marriage Theorem
  • December 10, 2008 (HG00.071): Gert Heckman (RU)
    The prime number theorem after Tchebycheff
  • December 9, 2008 (HG02.032): Nguyen Van Chau (Hanoi Institute of Mathematics)
    Plane Jacobian conjecture for rational polynoials
  • November 26, 2008 (HG00.071): Henk Hollmann (Philips Research Laboratories)
    Linear recurring sequence subgroups and automorphisms of cyclic codes
  • November 12, 2008 (HG00.071): Hans Heesterbeek (Universiteit Utrecht)
    Mathematics against infectious diseases
  • October 8, 2008 (HG00.071): Rob van der Waall (Universiteit van Amsterdam)
    Life and Work of the (finite) group theorist John Griggs Thompson, Abel Prize winner 2008
  • October 1, 2008 (HG00.071): Jean-Philippe Furter (Université de La Rochelle)
    The group of polynomial automorphisms as an infinite dimensional algebraic variety.